10 Demanding Freelancer Services in 2020


10 Demanding Freelancer Services in 2020

Consumers are always on the hunt to find a way to get services done better, faster and more affordably. Often, this results in hiring freelancers to do the job right. If you’re a freelancer or aspiring to be a freelancer, you can find the highest demanding services this year, here. Choose from our list and start your venture as a successful freelancer.

1 Mobile Beauty

With Covid-19 lock-down in full swing – everybody needs to get their hair, nails and skin done. Often, individuals can try their own hand at this, but the results will inevitably be low compared to their usual barber, nail technician and beautician. This means that hundreds of people are on the scout for a reliable mobile​ beauty freelancer​, who will guide them through it and help give them outstanding results! The average annual salary for a mobile beautician is $53,663.

You’d be a perfect fit for the position if you know something about the beauty industry. Maybe you’ve been doing your own nails to save a few bucks or you’ve always cut your partners hair. You’d also be perfect at this service if you love to teach people. All you’ll need is a camera (even your smartphone would work).

2 Virtual Assistant

All kinds of companies hire virtual assistants, whether they’re large corporations or small start-ups. The demand for an organised assistant is always high. This means it could be the perfect opportunity for you; if you’d like to tackle a wide variety of tasks, such as setting up appointments, research, writing emails and much more! The average annual salary is $67,115.

You’d be a great fit if you’re organised, have word processing skills, writing skills, computer skills and love to come up with new ideas! If you have all those skills, all types businesses would love to hire you as a ​virtual assistant​ (VA).

If you don’t have the appropriate skills, you shouldn’t worry, you can always learn as you go and grow into the perfect VA!

3 Courier/Delivery

Multiple businesses send and receive packages these days. In order to stay on time and on track, many companies will hire ​freelance couriers​ to do the job for them and ensure that delivery is always on time. Becoming a freelance courier can be very rewarding and profitable. The annual salary of a courier freelancer is $30,669.

You really don’t need any special skills or qualifications to do this job! All you need is a reliable car, an insurance policy and a driver’s licence. This job is perfect for anyone looking to make money without years of experience.

If you’re worried that your car may not be big enough for cargo, not to worry, most businesses deliver small packages that can easily fit in the trunk!

4 Digital Marketer

A freelance digital marketer is a professional with a wide variety of skills; from content and copywriting, social media management, search engine optimization (SEO), and so much more. The average annual salary of a digital marketer is $68,248.

If you love to learn and can easily multitask, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Digital marketers​ have multiple responsibilities and tasks to do on a daily basis. A digital marketer can learn anything – from HTML, design and writing. However, most of these jobs require someone with qualifications and/or experience.

Moreover, you don’t need to do all at once, you can specialise in a specific category. If you have a love for writing you can become a copywriter, if you have a love for design you can be a website designer, and so much more!

5 Cleaning Service

Cleaning freelance services are becoming more and more popular. As individuals often lead a busy schedule, there isn’t much time for them to clean. When they come home all they want to do is relax. This means multiple individuals and companies hire freelance cleaners​ to do it for them!

Being a freelance cleaner doesn’t take much skill or qualifications. However, people need to trust cleaners in their home and work space. This means that you will need to be trustworthy. Moreover, cleaners need to be thorough in order to build a good reputation!

6 Tutoring

If you love what you do, and love to teach, this is a perfect opportunity for you. Having a good reputation online will always ensure a high-paying job. Working as a freelance tutor will give you the opportunities you wouldn’t have dreamed of as a full-time teacher. This job allows you to work at your own accord and schedule. The average annual salary for a tutor is $57,959.

The great part about it is that you can teach anything and everything. Throw away the thought that you can only be a math teacher; hundreds of individuals of all ages are on the lookout for ways to better themselves in multiple categories. This means that you can teach about absolutely anything!

7 Waste Removal

Yes, the people coming to pick up your garbage every week are actually making a killing! Waste removers collect waste from households, commercials, and industrials for disposal or recycling. The average annual salary for this job is $40,560.

Anyone can get into this job, as it takes minimal skills and qualifications. You’ll be perfect for this job if you know your streets and routes well, know how to operate machinery and love to look after the environment! This is an amazing job that is often overlooked, but is definitely one of the best.

8 Pet-sitter

Pet sitting is probably one of the best jobs out there. Who doesn’t want to look after animals all day? Pet-sitters take care of animals when their owners are away. This normally takes place at the owner’s home. Additionally, there are other basic services that should be done; such as cleaning after yourself, vacuuming pet hair, etc. The average annual salary for a pet-sitter is $30,819.

This job is absolutely perfect for anyone who loves animals and can take care of them well. This job doesn’t require specific qualifications, but would require experience so that the owners trust you in their home and trust that you’ll take good care of their best friends.

9 Blogging

If you love to stay at home, research interesting topics and write – this is the job for you. Freelance bloggers have the advantage of making their own schedule and writing about topics that interest them. The beauty of doing this job is that you can really express yourself and educate the world on topics that you’re passionate about. The average annual salary for a blogger is $38,440.

Another great part about this job is that you don’t necessarily need qualifications as you would for other writing jobs, such as copywriting. Anyone and everyone can become a blogger, as long as you know your basic English skills!

10 Repair and Maintenance

Last but not least on our list is repair and installation. This job is a great fit for those handymen and women. The beauty of doing this job as a freelancer is that you decide when and where you would like to do the job – you have nobody bossing your around! The average annual salary for this job is $57,163.

Usually individuals in this field have a qualification of some sort; such as plumbing, electrician, technician, etc. However, you don’t necessarily need qualifications as long as you know what you’re doing and have experience in the field.

This list is the perfect opportunity for you to get ready and start on your journey as a freelancer. The career choices are endless, and are incredibly rewarding. Now you have no excuses to wait!

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