Adapt The New Normal: 5 Freelancing Career Ideas

5 Freelancing career ideas

Want to start doing freelancing? But looking for a platform or want to build your career, then this article is for you. In this pandemic, employment has fallen like never before, and almost everyone is finding a way to restart their career as a freelancer.

It is always good to learn new skills that can help you grow and earn as per your capabilities. In the current situation, the entire world economy is facing a huge challenge because of the Covid-19 and now possibly more than ever. Learning new skills can improve your life in so many ways and currently live in challenging times, but there is still an immense opportunity.

So what are you waiting for, learn online skills that can help you start or expand a freelance career giving your life more flexibility and freedom? You can create your own package and earn accordingly.

HireMeBiz platform is for all freelancers who want to earn through their skills. No matter what skills you have, this platform will help you showcase your skills to your potential consumers.

Here are a few self-taught freelance career ideas to get started.

Content Marketing:-

Content writing

Content Marketing is all about using creative thought to engaging content for the internet. Through content, you pitch for products and services by providing truly relevant and useful content to the potential consumers to help them solve their issues.

You can provide real content and information that can help users as well as the seller. Content marketing is all about nurturing potential users so that you can lead them to conversion.

If you are interested in freelancing then this can be a better plan than you can opt, just read about the blog content strategy and writing in-depth. You will find various materials on this topic over the internet.

Social Media Marketing:-

Social media marketing

By the time Social Media channels have become a very effective and important source of marketing. For this skill, you will find various courses, but we suggest you learn on your own and master this by practising on social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Master the strategies that work for brands over these popular channels and help a broad audience and brands to amplify their marketing. This can be a great source of earning as this skill is on-demand, and the demand will rise because social media channels are the most used apps during the pandemic, and these channels help brands generate great ROI.

You can create your own set of packages that includes various activities over these channels. This is an easy and effective career that is also in demand among freelancers.

Web Designing & Development:-

Web designing

The website has become a crucial asset for businesses, and if your business is not growing, then it’s time to go for web design and development services. Leverage this advantage and kick-off your career as a freelance web designer or developer.

93% of online experiences start with searching for the website. Hence, if you have the calibre and want to start a freelancing career, learn either designing or developing and cover the most demanded freelancing opportunities.

Beauty Service Provider:-

Beauty Service Provider

Beauty service providers are also in high demand nowadays, and you can choose this as your career. These are professionals that improve the client’s appearance through hair care, nail, beauty, and skincare. You can even go for specific areas as professionals such as nail art, makeup application, hair colour, etc.

There are many online or offline courses for the duration of 9-24 months in which you can learn basics and learn whatever you want. You can also choose to get trained on the job, some spa and salons offer training. After getting training, you can start your services as a freelance and make a good amount of money.

Photo & Image Editing Services:-

photo editing

Many individuals and companies hire freelancers to make their online images and posts look amazing and appealing. Hence, learning to edit photos and images can also be a career option nowadays. You just need to learn a few software and apply your unique technique to improvise them.

Tools like Photoshop can help you enhance images. You can also specialize in restoring old images, enhancing images, adding special effects with photo manipulation, removing backgrounds, and even creating graphics. Businesses and startups generally freelance these services and look for skilled professionals.

Tutoring Services:-


Freelance teaching is different from writing and designing. As a writer or a designer, you could probably find work by registering yourself for a platform where people can hire tutors.

Working as a freelance tutor will allow you to stay home and help others with ease. Working as a freelancer can be a great option for you as you will be earning from the comfort of your home by teaching kids through video call and video conferencing. Working as a freelancer may allow you to give time to your other dreams while earning.


Time is ever-evolving, and change is constant. The same goes for the job market now more than ever. Freelancing embraces great ideas of change and, as a result, makes the freelancer the best choice. It forces the freelancer to expand their skill set and network organically.

Freelancing is the new normal due to the pandemic now, we all have learned doing work from home and adapted ourselves with the new normal, and freelance only promotes this nature.

5 Freelancing career ideas

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