Want To Know How To Shortlist Freelancer For Your Project? [2020]

tips to hire freelancer

So you don’t have time to review the pile of proposals generated from your job post? Here are some great tips that will help you find out the top freelancer for your project.

Look For Must Have Skills

This step will surely shorten your initial list of freelancers. Chuck out the profiles that do not meet your must-have needs for the job. It’s pretty basic, but sometimes we forget this point and consider it at the end.

Your must can be anything that you need for the job, such as a specific set of skills, language, certification, etc. For instance, if you are looking for a web developer, then you probably don’t want a person with different skills than web designing & development.

If you want the best profiles to apply for your project, you can mention what minimum skills, the experience you require and add detailed data so that the interested profiles only apply to get the task.

Is the freelancer profile matches with your project type?

A freelance profile is essential, but sometimes you need more specifics to feel particular about your decision. Here are some ways a freelancer can demonstrate experience:

  • While choosing any profile, find similar projects and projects that are relevant to your industry, in the freelancer’s portfolio or attached samples.
  • Check whether the freelancer has mentioned the experience in related projects? If the profile has the experience, then, what projects did the freelancer previously complete? What were the project’s purposes and outcomes? 
  • Whether the freelancer has appropriate questions about the project details? This shows whether he is an experienced freelancer or not because an expert knows what details they need to understand the project. And their questions will show their approach to your project.

Do remember that might be the freelancer is new to freelancing but has ample experience for your project. If you’re posting your job through a freelancer website like HireMeBiz, be sure to look at their entire work history, not just the projects posted on their freelancer profile.

Find out whether their approach works for you or not?

When freelancers approach you, sometimes they explain their approach to working. This can give you a hint on how organized, knowledgeable, and creative they are. It will also help you analyze whether they are the right fit for your project or not.

Precisely Check Freelancer Profiles

Till now, you might have narrowed down a few profiles from the pile you had. Now, this is a good time to look deep into the freelancer’s profile that you have shortlisted, and you will see the important details such as the ratings, client comments, education, certifications, etc.

A platform like HireMeBiz makes it easy as you will see filters so you can select freelancers by skills and ratings on past projects. This platform allows you to search who is the most recommended freelancer, and you can also search as per the experience.

tips to hire freelancer

How To Choose As Per Rates

If someone just quotes a fixed price without understanding the scope of your project, then just be cautious. Various experienced freelancers ask more questions about the project before they can provide an exact price quote. Though, without details, they may provide an estimated range or hourly rate for your task. This will give you an idea of the talent that falls within your budget.

Besides, we recommend you not to judge the freelancers by the price only. Appointing someone who has shown low price over but has no experience can cost you more in the end. If your project requires more improvements, it will cost you more time and adds hours to the project.

It’s time to take the final call

After analyzing everything and following the above steps, you must have shortlisted the one that fits your needs. You can also set up chat interaction to shorten the list down to the top one to the top three. But whether you interview or not is up to you.

If you schedule an interactive session, it is always a good practice; as per the platforms you can choose the best option. Because freelancers work remotely, and communication is a great way to indulge with them. When scheduling meetings, remember to transform your time zone to choose a proper time for both of you.


When you’re busy, it can seem tedious, making time to choose the right freelancer among the crowd. But it’s better to get it done soon, so they can help lighten your workload. Use the suggestions above to reduce the process and to hire the perfect fit for your project without any hurdle.

tips to hire freelancer

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