Create Freelancer Profile That Catch The Attention [2020]

Freelancer Profile

In the early days finding freelancing projects was a complicated task and needed struggle, but things have changed with the time because of the flexibility such platforms offer.

Today we are going to talk about one such platform, HireMeBiz, and how to create a very attractive profile that guarantees attention and projects as per your skills.

In today’s digital age, getting freelance work is just somewhat like a breeze. But it is obvious that to get a good project; you have to work hard, be disciplined, and use your skills effectively. However, it has become much easier to pursue this freelance path- by registering on-site like HireMeBiz.

And you will need a good online profile that makes you stand out from the crowd and help you get lots of projects. This easy and simple guide will help you in creating a profile that can bring lots of projects to you.

Let’s create a perfect freelancer profile

Be Authentic:

Being authentic means sharing the actual information on your profiles, such as using your real name. No one will go for a fake name because it will not let your clients trust you. For instance, you have used the name Candy55; clients will get to know that this is a fake name, and it will not let them believe in you. They will think that you are a fake person. It would be best if you used your real identity.

Upload Professional Picture:

Yes, this is really necessary because your profile should be professional so that clients can trust you. Uploading a selfie on these professional platforms will ruin your profile, so make sure you upload a professional picture.

This is just to let users trust you that you are a professional person and ready for new opportunities.

Your Head Should Be Unique:

Choose a few words to use for your headline, and this is really important as it can either get you relevant projects or no projects at all. If you do this right, you will likely to get noticed and, as a result, will get more projects.

For example, you’re a web developer, and you really want to stand out and get discovered more, then you need to show what your skills are. So, you can go for ‘Mobile and Web Developer – UX Specialist’. It would be more appealing to potential clients than a simple ‘Web Developer’.

Write a Creative Bio:

Your bio is considered as the USP of your profile. Hence you should write it creatively but do not over-praise yourself in your bio. Just show who you are and what specialties you offer to clients. Showcase your skills, mention what you can do for clients and how you can bring them instant results.

Mention Your Qualification & Work Experience:

Make sure to add important education and work experience that you completed or strategies that you learned during your last job and mention them separately to highlight them.

Most importantly, your work history will help you sell yourself, hence if you have experience in your field, make sure to include all the relevant details and skills that you learned and experimented in the last job. This will add more value to your profile and help you get shortlisted for projects related to your profile.

Showcase Your Best Work:

Most freelance sites have a different section where you can show your best work. You should not show everything. Rather go for unique things or the best work you have done so far. Select the finest pieces of work and show different styles that you can create.

Be Precise About Your Skills:

If you are a highly skilled professional, you will have a variety of skills. However, as a freelancer, you should be a master of your skills because you should be a master of your skill in freelancing.

Therefore, it’s important to be careful with the skills that you list on your profile. It’s essential to list your skills in order of priority, show what you’re talented in the most, and it should be the first thing that employers see when they visit your profile.

Decide Your Rate:

We recommend you first research the average hourly rate and then decide what you should charge as per the skills, project, and experience. If you first want to establish your profile, you can go for lower rates and gradually increase rates.

Also, don’t set the price too low compared to your work because, after some time, you will be frustrated because you put in so much work. So you should rate as per your experience and skills.

Create Freelancer Profile That Catch The Attention

So are you ready to take over many job opportunities that are waiting for you on HireMeBiz? Follow the above tips while creating your freelance profile to attract more relevant projects.

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