Stepwise Guide To Hire Freelancer For Your Project [2020]

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We all now know that freelancing is here to stay with more than 1 in 3 U.S workers turning to freelance jobs as a way of living.

We think it’s time for companies to take some time and hire freelancers for their work to get their work done.

If you have never worked as a freelancer earlier, you might feel that hiring onboarding new staff can be scary. Because there is a big difference between employees and freelancers, and you must get it right.

So are you ready to hire freelancers but not sure where to start? We have accumulated the best details that can help you in hiring a perfect freelancer for your work.

Be clear with your budget

Before hiring any freelancers, you should check your budget multiple times. Whether you have allocated enough funds to pay for the work?

If you are not sure how much money you should be paying, spend some time researching and finding out how much effort your work needs. Because if you pay fair, then only freelancers will approach you. Now let’s go through the other sections.

Make Detailed Job Description

So once you figure out how much to spend on freelancer, then the next step should be to formulate a detailed job description for the position you are looking for. Just like normal employees have several roles, freelancers also need to know what duties and skills it requires before jumping for the opportunity.

Many freelancers spent time figuring out their skills and services they want to offer, so your job must describe everything clearly and precisely.

What things should your project or job description have?

You should cover the below points in your description:

  • Responsibilities and tasks you expect the freelancer to perform
  • Required skills they’ll need to succeed in the role
  • How many hours per week you hope the role will take
  • What hourly or project rate you’re offering 
  • A description of your firm

Such things should be very clear if you want a genuine person to approach you. Be thorough because from these details, freelancers will be attracted to your task, and if you want a great freelancer to contact you, then make your description seem appealing.

Find a good source

This might be a difficult part, but we are here to help you out. Finding a reliable source of talent to hire from is not easy.

That’s why HireMeBiz is different from other platforms. There are no middle charges to hire and post the job, and the freelancer profile helps you find the clarity you are looking for.

This new source takes out the headache of finding, vetting, and hiring freelancers. HireMeBiz gets all the required details from freelancers and verifies whether they are genuine or not so that you can hire best and reliable talent from across the globe.

So when you submit your project to our platform, you can be sure that you will get the best talent to work on your project.

Sharing details

Want to establish a smooth and successful relationship with your freelancer?

The key is communication!

That means that you may need to share private information with your freelancer for them to do their job correctly. Yes, for instance, if you want a graphic designer to create a logo for your startup, they’ll need to know these following things:

  • What your firm does
  • How it stands out from rivals
  • Who is your target audience
  • How you want your audience to notice your brand

This kind of sensitive information could be dangerous if it goes in the wrong hands, so most companies manage to guard it carefully. But without this information, there’s a good chance your logo will not be up to the mark.

Sign a contract

Before you proceed further and share everything, there’s one most important thing that you should do to secure your payment as well as your valuable information – sign an NDA contract.

This contract is very important as it protects both parties. This clearly outlines the project’s scope and timeline and other terms that both parties agree to, such as cancellation policies, ownership and usage rights, and etc.

This contract helps you if something goes wrong and can’t be resolved with a simple conversation; then, this will help both of you make things right again legally.

We are making freelancing easy.

These steps will help you go smoothly to hire a freelancer for your project. HireMeBiz is the best platform where you can freely post your project and can get the best-talented freelancers to approach you without any hassle – all you need to do is submit a project and pay for completed work.

Ready to get started? Register yourself Free at HireMeBiz.

hire freelancer

Here at HireMeBiz, all of our freelancers go through a verification process to make sure they share the correct information. This platform enables you to find reliable freelancers who can fulfill all your requirements. Whether you have domestic service requirements or a professional, you will find a number of freelancers to help you here. Register yourself and upload your project now.

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