How Freelancers Can Stay Competitive in the Gig Economy?


4 Ways Freelancers Can Stay Competitive in the Gig Economy

If you are interested in performing temporary, flexible jobs, you might be considering or already doing freelance work. With 56 million people in the US working in the gig economy, however, you must remain competitive to make more money.
Here are four ways to stay competitive as a freelancer or independent contractor:

1) Sell Yourself Well
You must understand, you are THE business. You must ensure the image you are presenting is that of an experienced professional. This isn’t just what you do, it is who you are. Create an online portfolio, provide details of your skills, qualifications, and projects that you have completed.

Think of questions like, Why should a client hire me?” or What sets me apart from my competitors.” These are the questions prospective clients will want to know. Answer these, and your marketing tactics will help you stay competitive.

2) Offer Free Samples of Your Work

It can be difficult for clients to trust a freelancer initially. If you haven’t established yourself yet or have any reviews online, they might be wary that the service you are asking them to pay for is not what they’ll get. You can reassure them by giving them a sample of your work or offering a free trial.

Let’s say you are providing freelance copy-editing services to authors. Offer to make edits to the first 10 pages of their work. This way, the author gets to see if they like the work that you can do for them, and you get to see if their project is something you are capable of or willing to do.

Are you a tutor? You can offer to teach one free lesson if the customer is looking for recurring classes. If they like your teaching style and you built a good rapport, they’ll be more confident in paying for your continued services.

3) Get Good Reviews

Did you know that clients who have had a bad experience are more likely to share their experience with others than clients who’ve had good experiences?

Reviews can make or break your reputation. Make sure that you are providing quality work, responding promptly to your clients, and addressing any concerns that they have. If you make a mistake, own up to it and offer discounts or free samples as necessary.

Treating your clients right builds trust and loyalty. It ensures repeat business as those clients will continue to do business with you despite other competitors having lower prices or flashier services. Ask satisfied clients to write reviews of your services, so prospective clients are more attracted to you.

4) Have Secure Payment Options

Let’s face it, cash is on the decline, and there’s plenty of transactions these days that can be done virtually. Stay current and ensure you have the Paypal and Stripe accounts registered for your payment options that are secure and flexible. You don’t want to miss out on a business opportunity.

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Author, Davinia Osborne.





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