How to get Freelance Project Opportunities During Covid-19?

How to get Freelance Project Opportunities During Covid-19?

Do you know last year, 57 million Americans started freelancing? It’s high time people are choosing freelancing as their new mode of work. Freelancing is considered as the future, and there is no denying that businesses are also expanding their use of freelancers.

We all are aware of how this global pandemic Covid-19 has impacted the entire globe and left many employees jobless. And in this time, many companies moved towards hiring freelancers to stay up & running, and employees started working as freelancers to make their living.

Now, the question is whether this pandemic is good or bad for freelancers?

As per the report, over 30 million Americans have filed for unemployment claims since WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic in mid-March. Compared to the pre-crisis levels (Q4 2019), the International Labour Organization predicts the global COVID-19 job loss rate worldwide to reach approximately 305 million full-time jobs.

We hope you will agree that flexibility is the solution if you want to thrive during a market disruption. Thus freelancing is the best way; freelancers are skilled at using the technologies needed to work productively from home. Besides, freelancing allows you to hire skilled professionals from around the globe that you might miss if you want to hire employees in your area.

In the current situation, regular employees adapt this work from the home environment, whereas freelancers already work in this environment, which is a plus point for the freelancers.

As an independent freelancer, how can you personally navigate the job market’s uncertainties during the COVID-19 pandemic? This article will walk you through the steps you can take to grab freelance project opportunities in 2020.

Identify what is in demand in this situation

With difficult times comes excellent opportunities. Figure out which industries and skills are most in-demand to understand how you can best utilize your skills in the market.

To gain more insightful data, we have picked the data gathered by the EMSI labor market for the most in-demand jobs in the Covid-19 early period as a pandemic. The subsequent list includes the top in-demand jobs based on the total role demand change from March 16th to March 23rd when WHO declared a global pandemic:

Top in-demand jobs during COVID-19 pandemic

#Role. % Increase in Active Postings

  1. Statistical Programmers 97.46%
  2. Tellers (Office & Admin) 60.53%
  3. Statisticians 58.70%
  4. Product Specialists (Computer & Mathematical) 31.28%
  5. Compliance Consultants 27.81%
  6. Tutors 24.83%
  7. Staff Judge Advocates 16.67%
  8. Infrastructure Architects 14.86%
  9. Drupal Developers 13.46%
  10. Grant Writers 9.94%

According to these stats, it’s clear that the substantial majority of these skills can be performed remotely. The entire market and even consumer behavior have changed drastically. Many businesses are struggling to survive in the market, and many cannot utilize their data for the future. That’s good news for freelancers who know technologies that can help businesses take actionable data such as freelancers who know Python.

The demand for finance, banking, and payment processing freelancers is rising. More broadly, it’s easier for companies to engage a freelancer than a full-time employee in these challenging times. Most of the workplaces are closed and will be shut until things get normal. Hence, companies are looking to fill the gaps by hiring skilled freelancers who can work for them by sitting at their homes.

If you don’t see yourself in the list of demands, don’t get upset. When you expand the above list, then we get to see that there is a rising demand for writers, web developers, and designers. Moreover, almost every niche is in demand again because now the remote culture is considered as the future, and freelancing is the new way of working.

And if you’ve already been freelancing for a while, possibilities are great that you’re no stranger to reskilling every now and then to maintain your competitive edge.

Target projects and focus on your skills

Companies that are looking to fill their workplace by hiring freelancers based on projects have opened more options for freelancers. Now that you’ve identified the skills in demand and know how to obtain them, it’s time to get strategic about approaching your job search.

When companies post jobs on these freelancing platforms, they are posting them as per projects. They’ve usually got a particular task or deliverable in mind but lack the specific talent resources needed to bring their project to life.

If freelancers want to get potential clients, understanding the actual deliverables clients are looking for is critical. Here are some examples of project titles:

  • Copywriter needed to help with our COVID-19 messaging
  • Building a website for my business with Drupal

Notice how clients are often seeking specific skills and deliverables. While choosing these projects can often lead to a successful relationship with a client, it usually starts with a particular need. This is why it’s essential to highlight your skills in your profile. Turn your skills into services customized to your industry’s projects to earn better than regular jobs.

How to get Freelance Project Opportunities During Covid-19?

If you prepare your profile focusing on the projects, it will help you write a better profile and help you grow your network, and help you grab potential clients.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is HireMeBiz free to use, or they charge anything for these services?

HireMeBiz is a totally-free-to-use-tool. It’s a platform where freelancers easily connect with potential projects without any brokerage fee or money being charged.

2. What kind of projects can be taken up using HireMeBiz?

There’s no limit to the kind of projects you can do through HireMeBiz, just about any project requiring a computer to be taken up.

3. How important is a HireMeBiz profile for a freelancer?

HireMeBiz is a brand in the freelancing world. It helps you with visibility, credibility, and skills assessment. So yeah, to have an HireMeBiz profile is quite pivotal in your freelancing journey because it can lead you to enormous opportunities.

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