Check out Most Wanted Freelance Skills of 2020 on HireMeBiz

Check out most wanted freelance skills of 2020 on HireMeBiz

Let’s see the most wanted freelance skills in 2020 based on the first half of the year. Are you expecting to gain more freelancing jobs this year? Check out whether your skills are in demand by reading the blog post.

Based on our own data, we expect the following skills to be extremely wanted by HireMeBiz buyers in the remaining 2020.

Video Creation

Video Creation

With the advancement in technology, the way of marketing has also changed drastically. Now videos show more conversion than ever, and hence video marketers receive an average of 66% more leads per year than other content forms. Creating and editing videos, whether digital or real-life videos, is a very demanding skill as more and more companies will choose this marketing route.

Content Editing/Writing

Content Editing & Writing

The rise of SEO and marketing as a method of being ranked higher on Google has changed the content marketing role, and now brands are more aware than ever regarding their content. Most organizations know what they want to say but don’t have the time to refine and perfectly convey their message.

This is where content editing/writing skills come in extremely handy. Those who excel in these skills will continue to gain work such as website content writing/editing, editing scripts, and creating brand guidelines, guides, infographics, and plenty more.

Be it building an SEO-motivated feature or a company culture piece; writing is a desirable skill as companies strive to make their brand more popular. Through blogs, articles, press releases, etc. firms can achieve that.



Animation has gained tremendous popularity with time. Brands realized the potential that animation could bring to the table, and thus, it has been popular now in marketing and branding.

With the animation service, it is possible to create whatever you want and provide rich advertising with the help of animation artists, removing the need for expensive real-life locations and actors.

There are various animation services in high demand from 3D modellings such as freelance cad design to freelance game developers, character creation, and architecture.

Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing

This one is very popular and will never go out of demand. After all, every business is incomplete without a logo, and the initial design is often a jumping-off point for further logo-related work such as animation, gifs, and video. No business can run in this digital era without the help of designing services.

Graphic design will continue to be a highly attractive skill in the coming time as the demand for websites, and product creation is only rising.



Companies now moved away from stock imagery and prefer to use illustration as it offers a softer, more playful approach. It is generally considered a more interesting way to promote content and make your content feel more personal, which is essential in an age where consumers are demanding transparency and are leaning towards the human touch.

HTML/Web Development

HTML & Web Development

As per the report, approximately 380 new websites are created per minute, so HTML/Web developers’ demand is certainly not slowing down, and it will be in trend because websites play the most critical role in this digital era.

Data Entry

Data Entry

This is the most demanded service of all time that never goes out of trend. Data helps businesses to understand their growth graph, demographic and helps them eventually create better products and services.

Companies with this huge data, the drive comes a need for admin input, which helps businesses organize and utilize this information through the help of data scientists and data analysts.

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HireMeBiz is a brand in the freelancing world. It helps you with visibility, credibility, and skills assessment. So yeah, to have an HireMeBiz profile is quite pivotal in your freelancing journey because it can lead you to enormous opportunities.

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