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$3,000.00 Fixed Price


Coronavirus Data Analysis and Blog Writing (3 Articles)

Who you are:

A seasoned writer with experience in the data science and analytics realm. (Knowledge of R and Python and machine learning may prove useful.) Familiarity with handling large datasets a must.

Who we are:

Sisense is the industry leader in end-to-end analytics. Our cloud-native platform empowers analytics builders of all kinds to create analytic apps that allow their users to seamlessly take action at the point of insights. Our Sisense for Cloud Data Teams offering allows Data Scientists and Data Engineers to take their analyses to the next level with materialized views and advanced tools for SQL, Python, and R.

Who you’re writing for:

Data Scientists and Engineers using Python and R to perform advanced analytical processes on their data, plus business leaders at those companies.

What we’re looking for:

A series of 3 articles in the 700-900 word range on any kind of advanced, interesting, original research using publicly-available, reliable datasets on the Coronavirus. Please pitch us 5 or 6 article ideas on the type of writing you could do around this topic. The articles should each stand alone (ie, you don’t need to read all three in a row; they’re just interrelated). For each pitch, include 3-4 sentence explaining:
– What datasets will be used
– The novel research/insights being gleaned
– Why these insights matter
– Why no one else has them
– Why they make sense coming from Sisense (check out our blog here:

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