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Full Stack Development

Interested in creating a site on educational topics. The site will educate children from 2 to 7 years old.
The scheme is as follows: the child is registered, receives a daily lesson with 10 tasks, or can access all the tasks of the site at the same time. It’s not free. We need the introduction of payment systems on the site. After payment, access is granted. An example of one day of classes attached. I apologize immediately for the quality of the material. unfortunately I am not an artist.
Until now, the entire site will be divided into three age groups of 3 years. 4-5 years and 6-7 years. Each group will have 100 days with assignments. That is approximately 700-800 interactive tasks and 200-300 information tasks per course. Three courses totaling 2,400 interactive tasks and 600 informational tasks. I am writing this to you so that you understand the amount of work and calculate the price.

You can look as an option here (Russian example):
English example
We do not really like them, but this is for clarity
one lesson and this is one task
In addition, each task is evaluated and a common rating is created for each age.
The tasks will be different:
There will be coloring and removal of unnecessary letters and sound answers, analysis of the sound of syllables, analysis of the sound of tongue twisters (for example, karaoke) and various logical tasks, puzzles. Very complicated sketches are not needed, but, of course, everything should be beautiful, bright and comfortable for the child.
The work is serious, it will take time.

We are now choosing a partner. If you are interested, we ask you to create 1-2 tasks for our test (lesson plan in the attached file), we need this so that we understand how you imagine the presentation and interface of the tasks for the child, simply speaking your intuitive feeling. Additions and alterations are welcome. In addition, for the future you need voice acting.
If you are ready to accept, report it. Please calculate what price you see for this work and the approximate period. In addition, can you conclude a contract with a Russian company so that we can pay for your services.
Thank you for your time.

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