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Online Research & Data Entry Expert

Hi there

I’m looking to expand my team. I’m interested in working with individual web research specialists (English native or bi-lingual) able to help me collect reliable B2B and B2C information (statistics, articles, links, graphics, videos, etc.) for content writing and marketing purposes.

I don’t require outsourced teams or intermediary people, only individual, dedicated freelance professionals.

Here are the top requirements:

1. It is essential that you are well organized, and have proper access to research tools & websites that go beyond the standard norm of Google, YouTube, and social media (e.g. FB, Twitter and LinkedIn)

2. You will need 3+ years of digital marketing research & data entry experience.

***WordPress blog post editing skills and some graphic design proficiency with tools such as Snappa and Canva, is a definite bonus.

Project requirements:

Your main tasks would be to research and collect specific information based on certain selection criteria, which I’ll provide in the project description (written & screencast video training), for each particular task, and enter these in Google drive folders, files, sheets, etc.

I’m prepared to pay $3-$5 per hour for these tasks via Guru for bulk orders (10-20 hours a week for e.g.).

Kindly complete this short questionnaire:

Your answers are essential for consideration of your application. Therefore, give it careful thought, since I prefer to work with professionals who pay close attention to detail, and always double check their findings and data before submitting their final work for my approval.

Here you go:

1. What type of web research have you performed before, and which research tasks excite you the most? Please share a few examples to help me get an idea of your experience.

2. Are there any particular tools AND websites that you are currently using for web research, besides the standard ones mentioned above? List some of the most important ones only.

3. What type of data entry jobs/tasks have you performed thus far? Which of these did you enjoy the most, and why?

4. What is your bulk rate for 20 hours of web research & data entry project management?

5. Which is more feasible to you… commit to at least 4 hours a day, for 5 days a week, or dedicate 20 hours per week whenever your schedule permits?

6. Why should I work with you? What are your top qualifications? Do you have any additional VA skills and client testimonials?

7. Care to share some offline interests or hobbies you have? What keeps you awake at night?

8. Do you work full time or part-time online? If part-time, could you share what else do you do offline to earn your living?

9. What experience do you have with blogging and digital marketing, and how much time do you spend on average on social media and YouTube for leisure and entertainment only?

10. Is English your first or native language? If not, how did you learn to speak English?

Excited to hear from you.

Thanks in advance!

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