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Senior UX/UI Designer

You’ll really shine in this role if you:

  • Have a Startup Mindset: Don’t worry– we don’t mean “things are chaotic here and you’ll be expected to make miracles happen with no support while you work on a Saturday night” (quite the contrary, actually!). What we’re looking for is comfort with dreaming something up from 0 to 1, while knowing how to guide research and validation of ideas.
  • Can Pivot Like a Pro: You know when to advocate for moving forward with a decision based on time constraints or when to adopt a design that might be too complex or expensive to build given new information or priorities. You can anticipate obstacles and effectively communicate and manage risks alongside product managers and other team members.
  • Are a Walking Swipe-File of UX/UI Ideas: You are well-versed in UX/UI fundamentals and always have ideas up your sleeve for how to solve problems in multiple ways. You stay up-to-date on the industry and are always cataloging fantastic UX and UI examples (including your own!)
  • Apply UX Fundamentals to How You Communicate: As a UX enthusiast, you’re always thinking about how you communicate with your teammates and how to keep stakeholders in the loop inefficient and clear ways.
  • Feel Comfortable Contributing at Every Stage of the Design Process: We don’t expect you to be an expert in everything, but we do need someone who is comfortable leading or collaborating on projects like our design system, component library, UX research, breadboarding, and building lo- and hi-fidelity designs.

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