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Hello I am having an with the mailchimp abandoned cart series integration with woocommerce. When someone abandons the cart I get the first message but the 2nd message never gets triggered. In mailchimp the only way to get the 2nd email is if the email is a subscriber

on the checkout page, there is a subscribe button. But the way MailChimp is receiving it is a transaction rather than a subscription which will stop the abandoned cart messages. Even though nothing was purchased from the check out page the information must be somehow switched to a subscriber, not a purchaser.

MailChimp says…I have seen this before from Woocommerce. The integration itself gives us the information the way Woocommerce sends it to us. I am unsure if Woocommerce has an option to subscribe contacts when they abandon a cart since that is outside of Mailchimp. They also said try reaching out to a developer to help you custom code an API that can have the contacts subscribed when they abandon a cart. I assure you there is no setting inside Mailchimp to change the marketing status Woocommerce is sending over to us

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