Ways to Make Money on Hire Me


Ways to Make Money on Hire Me

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There are a lot of ways you can make some extra money this new year. At Hire Me, our task performers can cherry-pick tasks that genuinely interests them and make a profit.

Here are just a few of the popular tasks you can start doing today:


Have a passion for taking pictures? Well, there’s great news! There are lots of people who want to get their picture taken, and many want it done professionally.

Your client might be a business person that wants a professional profile photo, a maternity shoot, or a wedding. Also, we live an age where everyone is an Instagram model. There’s a good chance you can find someone who wants you to help them build their modeling portfolio.

If you have the equipment, skills, and the passion put it to good use and create your profile today!


Sometimes a traditional classroom isn’t enough for some people. If you are good at English or Math, you can offer to tutor someone. Perhaps you are bilingual and speak English and Spanish, well then offer to teach someone who wants to learn either language. Play the piano? Then become a piano instructor on Hire Me.

You can find clients willing to pay you to tutor them either online or in-home. Plus, you can always work out flexible schedules and affordable rates with them.

Want to set yourself apart and attract more clients? Offer a free trial class! Build a good rapport with your potential client, and they’ll be sure to want to pay for your continued services.


If you’re a good writer, there are a plethora of jobs for you on Hire Me. Here are just a few:

  • Blog Posts
  • Business Proposals
  • Essays & Speeches
  • Press Releases & Business Email ContentHire Me makes it easy for you to connect with clients willing to pay for your services. Don’t like the offer you are getting? Propose a counteroffer yourself or find a new client on our service platform.

Graphic, Logo & Website Design

Are you an artist or an illustrator? Perhaps you’d like to try your hand at offering graphic design services on Hire Me.

They are clients looking to get creative and unique designs for clothing, advertising materials, book covers, logos, websites, you name it!

This is a skill in high demand! Attract more business by providing the best quality to your customers. You’ll keep getting new customers from the reviews and ratings that your current clients leave on your profile.

Get started as a graphic designer on Hire Me today!

Virtual Assistant

These days, many businesses are finding ways to get the same work done remotely. You are welcome to hop on the bandwagon. After all, what’s not appealing about working from home?

There are a host of virtual assisting tasks that can be completed on Hire Me:

  • You can provide email customer support
  • Manage a business’s social media
  • Perform data entry tasks from home
  • Answer phone lines when the staff is awaySee a list of tasks to complete on Hire Me

Hire Me Center believes in allowing people to empower themselves and take charge of their own financial freedom. There are a ton of tasks out there for you to do and customers ready to pay you to complete them. We’re just here to provide a platform for you to connect on.

Take advantage of our free 1000 credits to apply for projects that you like and see for yourself how amazing it can be to pick and choose the jobs you want.

Author, Davinia Osborne. 

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